GGA’s Seventh Annual CEO Pay for Performance Survey with Globe and Mail

GGA and the Globe and Mail partnered once again to present our seventh annual ranking of CEO Compensation for the top 100 largest public companies in Canada’s S&P/TSX composite index.

Full results here.

There’s more behind the final tally. The compensation of CEOs is made up of various components. GGA and the Globe and Mail analysed the compensation for the top 100 CEOs in Canada and broke it down by pay, share ownership, untapped wealth, cash bonus and equity grants.

You can view our findings here.

Our top 100 CEO Compensation ranking shows that equity grants have become a major reason why CEO pay is climbing in Canada. The Globe and Mail’s Janet Mcfarland examines the reaction from major shareholders, who are increasingly growing frustrated with the way companies are offering share units as a major part of CEO pay.

Full analysis here.

And there is more. Paul Gryglewicz in a recent BNN interview, discussed our top 100 CEO Compensation study, including key insights for shareholders, and what boards should consider when developing a CEO compensation package in today’s business environment.

Full interview here.

Written by GGA

Jun 13, 2017

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