Global Partners

Global Governance Advisors has partnered with Morrow Sodali and Nestor Advisors (a Morrow Sodali Company) to offer comprehensive board services that connect board resolutions with shareholder communication. 

Expanding Governance and Shareholder Services

GGA’s advisory services fit into Morrow Sodali’s platform related to governance consulting, capital market intelligence, proxy solicitation, and transactional services. Morrow Sodali’s capabilities help GGA’s clients develop an integrated approach that address shareholder concerns.

Morrow Sodali can support GGA’s clients by:

  • Identifying who owns its shares;
  • Analyzing the implications of that ownership; and
  • Identifying which key institutional shareholder decision-makers responsible for voting shares, those with economical interests and proxy voting governance responsibilities, should be targeted and engaged leading into the annual general meeting (“AGM”) and quarterly reporting cycle.

This global partnership helps bridge board and management concerns regarding compensation and governance advisory work that is discussed and disclosed in the Proxy Circular pertaining to the AGM. This provides a more integrated relationship with our clients, and therefore frees up more of your time to look after other important matters.

Morrow Sodali offers a comprehensive set of integrated services that cover every aspect of corporate governance, shareholder communication and engagement.

  • Corporate Governance and ESG
  • Capital Markets Intelligence
  • Proxy Solicitation
  • M&A and Shareholder Activism
  • Debt Services
  • Mutual Fund Services


GGA's European Advisory Partner

Nestor Advisors is a London-based advisory firm specializing in corporate governance, sustainability and organizational design over the last two decades. Nestor Advisors works with boards and management of financial institutions, companies and not-for-profit organizations to improve decision-making, organizational structues, controls and incentives.

Nestor Advisors is GGA’s European partner offering similar services that our North American client’s value most. With our global partnership, GGA and Nestor Advisors provide our clients with closer access to governance experts.

Like GGA, Nestor Advisors maintains a high degree of independence by focusing exclusively on corporate governance advice, avoiding the conflicts of interest that can occur by offering competing corporate services.

Nestor Advisors’ services include:

  • Internal Governance Reviews
  • Board Effectiveness Reviews
  • Group Governance
  • Risk Governance
  • SME Corporate Governance
  • Education and Director Development
  • Public Policy and Regulation
  • Governance Implementation
  • Governance Research and Benchmarking
  • Investors and ESG Services
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