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Global Governance Advisors is a different kind of management consulting firm. The value we provide to our clients stems from our firm’s unique combination of independence, experience, rigor and integrity.

This means conflict-free, seasoned practitioners, objective advice and dedication to shareholders.


Executive Compensation

GGA works solely for the board, in collaboration with senior management. Our organization successfully provides expert, state of the art compensation and governance advice without apparent or perceived conflicts of interest…

Compensation Surveys

Our research group does extensive work to uncover data that serves as the foundation of our advisory services offerings. Leveraging data analytics, GGA’s advisory partners provide insights and business intelligence that is the basis of incentive…


Corporate Governance

Sound corporate governance practices underpin investor confidence in a market and trust in individual company management. It ensures that constituencies (i.e. stakeholders) with a relevant interest in the company’s affairs…

Board Effectiveness

GGA’s Board Effectiveness Assessment includes a wide ranging review and evaluation of board structure, director pay, governance policies and board performance. We also help to define and articulate each client’s…


CEO Succession Planning

Successful succession planning has emerged as one of the key challenges for many organizations, given the seismic demographic shift occurring within the international corporate environment. GGA applies its unparalleled rigor…

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