GGA’s Paul Gryglewicz on Compensation Programs and Shareholder Interests for the Financial Post

Paul Gryglewicz, GGA’s Managing Partner for Central and Eastern Canada, has provided his perspective on the emerging complexities in executive compensation, with the interests of proxy advisory firms and investors with different expectations playing their roles in recent high profile Say on Pay votes.

You can read the full piece in the Financial Post here: Financial Post Op Ed .

GGA’s Arden Dalik Speaks on Executive Pay with BC’s Top Public Firms

Arden Dalik, GGA’s Managing Partner for Western Canada provided her expert perspective and commentary on executive compensation to Business In Vancouver reporter Nelson Bennett. Bennett’s piece focused on BC’s top publicly traded companies and the linkage – or lack of it – between share prices, profits and executive compensation this year.

Dalik explained the context for some of the higher earnings among CEOs in the mining sector:

“To hold those people through this long investment period is a real challenge, and the market views it that way,” Dalik said. “‘Are we at risk?’ is a question they have to ask of losing that person. They have to weigh that because … these questions are going to come up: ‘How is it going to look to shareholders? Well, it’s going to look worse if we lose them – and he’s a key resource going out the door.’”

If shareholders think mining company CEOs are overpaid, they should take a look at what Hollywood pays the CEOs of film and TV companies. David Zaslav, CEO of Discovery Channel, received US$156 million in 2014. His pay was skewed by a long-term contract signing bonus. He made US$33 million in 2013.

“What we call the talent industry – the athletes and Hollywood – they are unique industries unto themselves, so you really cannot compare them to anyone else,” Dalik said. “It’s just its own market unto itself.”

You can read the full piece with Dalik’s commentary here.

GGA’s Arden Dalik featured in Financial Post on Executive Compensation in “The Oilpatch”

GGA’s Managing Partner for Western Canada Arden Dalik spoke to the Financial Post’s Yadullah Hussain about the effects of the economic downturn in the oil and gas sector with regard to C suite compensation.

“The downturn is where a C-suite’s true mettle will come in — were you just a positive and upmarket CEO and CFO, or were you really able to deliver value when the chips were down?” said Arden in an exclusive interview. “We will see a bit of house-cleaning.”

You can read the full piece from the Post here.