“Given the pace of business change today, companies increasingly need agile boards with the expertise to guide the company amid emerging threats and opportunities. And investors increasingly expect that boards will embrace rigorous practices to ensure they have the right expertise in the boardroom to respond to evolving market and competitive demands. The highest-performing boards will adopt a continuous improvement mindset, ensuring that their composition evolves in light of new strategic imperatives.” -AESC.org

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Global Governance Advisors helps our clients address and resolve these questions through our advisory governance and compensation planning services and the emPower Platform.

  • How can our board better impact the success of the organization?
  • Have we fostered an environment that encourages individual directors to think critically about their contributions and the relevance of their skills to the company strategy?
  • Are we using our annual board assessment and regular executive sessions to assess the culture and dynamics in the boardroom and identify ways to operate more effectively?
  • Does our board have a platform to analyze and scorecard senior management compensation plans?
  • Does our board have access to an oversight vehicle for shareholder engagement activity that makes valuable information readily available to the Board in real-time?

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GGA, from its very inception, has taken an active role in furthering the work of those organizations and initiatives throughout North America and the world that are working to further autism research and raise awareness of its importance for families. Learn more about GGA’s role with Autism Research and Support for Families. Learn More

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