The Digital Boardroom for the Mining Industry – emPower
November 29, 2018
Global Governance Advisors | Newsletter Vol. 12
December 13, 2018

This past month, Paul Gryglewicz, Senior Partner of Global Governance Advisors, led a panel of distinguished speakers in a discussion of  the ways in which mining companies can leverage a digital boardroom to create a competitive advantage. It was an opportunity to learn how the Digital Boardroom Platform is a critical component in maximizing an organization’s value.

Key takeaways included:

  • Boards now have the ability to access executive compensation data, develop peer groups, analyze that data, and develop scorecards of their organization’s executive compensation plans against the peer group. It is the definitive data analytics approach around executive compensation plans development. And, the process itself is the ultimate answer to shareholder activism around executive compensation and ‘say on pay.’
  • Boards can now leverage a shareholder communications engine to address shareholder activity and activism – especially in this age of social media. emPowerIR allows boards to easily load shareholders and other groups into the database, create groups and target them with specific messages. It provides reports of shareholder activity; and it includes an automated proxy/survey tabulator. Boards can poll, survey, and conduct votes and the tabulator provides detailed reports and graphs of responses. Participants are excited about the time and money it will save them. Others marveled at the power of communication, emPowerIR will provide. One participant’s response … “Amazing.”

The last comment from the webinar panel was that we are often stunned that boards use less technology than any other segment of an organization’s business. Utilizing the digital boardroom platform is the key component to maximizing a board’s value to the company they serve. We are here to help you. No other firm has more experience in the mining sector than GGA. Over 100 years of combined experience in the boardroom is what inspired the motivation to develop emPower. emPower is the first ever digital boardroom that revolutionizes how boards prepare for and conduct board meetings; delivers peer compensation data and scorecards to build executive management incentive plans; and provides stakeholder oversight and automated proxy/survey tabulation.

Webinar – The Digital Boardroom for the Mining Industry

The marketplace for Boards of Directors is at a tipping point. Boards of Directors function in a digital world and most boards have not embraced the changes required to face the threats from that digital world or leverage that world to positively impact the organizations they direct.

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