Global Governance Advisors | Newsletter Vol. 16
April 2, 2019
GGA teaches Governance of Executive Compensation and Shareholder Accountability Graduate Program, York University
April 26, 2019

Last week, author Mark A. Pfister, the panel leader, talked about how the last 5 years have likely been the most transitional and change-prone time for Boards ever. Mark commented that Board Directors are required to be shepherds of change and that boards face increasing responsibility in the focus areas of strategy in addition to the expected governance. The speed of change in markets and industries is accelerating, which dictates that Boards need to adjust and promote change within their organizations.

This webinar highlighted:

  1. How boards and executives can leverage AI to be more effective; while protecting sensitive information and communications in the most secure digital platform possible
  2. How boards, executives, and HR can use data analytics to recruit, retain, and motivate high-performing executive teams
  3. How organizations can leverage data communications to control the flow of information to shareholders and stakeholders and use an automated proxy/survey tabulator; while addressing shareholder activism and the democratization of shareholder activism in a world dominated by social media

Our participants came away with an understanding on how it is critical that Boards of Directors and Executives understand that to succeed in today’s business environment, they must take a giant leap and embrace the digital transformation. Boards and executives are facing a myriad of challenges. Many boards use little technology. Some boards use outdated ‘board portal technology,’ as one panelist commented. This technology is akin to using VHS tapes vs. streaming.

The panel concluded that a workplace productivity platform that leverages artificial intelligence, data analytics, and data communications is the key for boards of directors and executives to successfully address these challenges. We are here to help you. Over 100 years of combined experience in the boardroom is what inspired GGA to develop emPower. emPower is the first ever workplace productivity platform that revolutionizes how boards prepare for and conduct board meetings; delivers peer compensation data and scorecards to build executive management incentive plans; and provides stakeholder/shareholder oversight and automated proxy/survey tabulation.

Webinar: Changing How Boards of Directors Function … Forever

Everything will change – how boards of directors and executives interact with each other, company executives, and their stakeholders; how boards develop compensation plans to recruit, retain and motivate high-performing executive teams; and how companies communicate with their shareholders and/or stakeholders. Mark A. Pfister, M.A.

Learn more about emPower.

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