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COVID-19 and Rulings on Virtual-Only Shareholder Meetings
April 21, 2020
Compensation Strategies and Actions in the Calgary Market During COVID-19
May 27, 2020

April 29 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

What should your organization learn from China’s governance capacity? How can you leverage technology during a crisis? How do crises, like COVID-19, impact short and long-term corporate governance?

Join Panelists, Andrew MacDougall, Paul Gryglewicz, Peter Landers and Arden Dalik in a discussion addressing these questions and many more. Our panel will also address top of market insights and draw upon learning from previous, major ‘black-swan’ crises. What they have learned from global financial meltdowns, massive commodity price crashes, hurricanes, etc., is that sound corporate governance, balanced decision-making and executive retention are high on the ‘strategies that worked’ list when navigating black-swan events. And COVID-19 has now become the ‘high-water mark’ for these events.


1. Corporate governance and the board/management’s role in navigating these scenarios;
2. Retaining key talent amid a material market valuation adjustment, while also respecting shareholders that have potentially lost a material quantum of their portfolio;
3. The importance of considering virtual shareholder meetings and embracing technology to remain engaged with shareholders.

A complimentary on-demand version of this webinar will be sent to anyone who registers but can not attend.

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