Global Governance Advisors | Newsletter Vol. 15
March 20, 2019
Global Governance Advisors | Newsletter Vol. 16
April 2, 2019

The Workplace Productivity Solution for Boards of Directors and Executives – April 10th, 2019

Fort Lauderdale, FL. Mark A. Pfister, M.A. Pfister Strategy Group, will lead a panel of experts in a discussion on the impact of the digital boardroom platform and the ability of the board of directors and key company executives to leverage artificial intelligence, data analytics, and digital communication to address the myriad of issues they face every day.

“Everything will change – how boards of directors and executives interact with each other, company executives, and their stakeholders; how boards develop compensation plans to recruit, retain and motivate high-performing executive teams; and how companies communicate with their shareholders and/or stakeholders,” commented panel facilitator, David Boim, COO at Global Governance Advisors.

The webinar will highlight how boards and executives can become more effective while protecting sensitive information and communications in the most secure digital platform possible; how boards, executives, and HR can use data analytics to recruit, retain, and motivate high-performing executive teams; and how organizations can better control the flow of information to shareholders while addressing shareholder activism in a world dominated by social media.

Organizations can register for the webinar on Wednesday, April 10 at 2 PM ET by clicking here.

About Global Governance Advisors. Global Governance Advisors (GGA), servicing Boards of Directors and Senior Management teams, is an internationally recognized North American Human Capital Management firm that provides leading Human Capital Management advisory services and HCM technology solutions that maximize board and executive performance to increase valuation; addresses senior management compensation planning that drives company performance and outcomes; improves investor (stakeholder) and employee communications and loyalty; and ensures corporate governance, regulatory compliance and risk mitigation.

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