GGA Appoints Mark Dahlman as Senior Partner
May 23, 2014
National Media Coverage for GGA’s CEO Pay for Performance Survey with the Globe and Mail
June 6, 2014

Global Governance Advisors (GGA), an independent compensation advisory firm and international thought leader on governance practices, risk mitigation and sophisticated compensation systems design is pleased to announce their industry partnership with NovaShare Solutions, the Toronto technology firm that has established itself as the definitive source for disclosure information related to public companies and investment firms.

Tackling the challenges and embracing the opportunities of big data have been fundamental in the establishment of GGA’s business model from the very beginning. A key phase in the firm’s development was the introduction of an accelerator fund last year, committing to $5 million over five years, which offered innovative human capital IT start-ups both mentorship and capital, working with GGA’s team of senior management professionals in HR, executive compensation and corporate governance. The NovaShare agreement marks a transition into a flourishing relationship with a firm that was a natural fit with GGA’s business.

As GGA Senior Partner Luis Navas stated, “the synergy and the opportunities for us to grow together made the case for our partnership with NovaShare Solutions all but inevitable. Aside from our core practice areas and thought leadership, GGA, with its pay for performance surveys featured in Canada’s Globe and Mail, the Calgary Herald and with the Miami Herald in the U.S., is poised to be the research leader in our industry. The breadth and rigor of analysis that NovaShare Solutions has established brings our intellectual capital to the next level.”

“We are immensely pleased and excited to be partnering up with GGA at such a critical juncture in the development of NovaShare Solutions,” said Tyson Rose, who, with Thomas Hingel, provides the strategic direction for the firm. This agreement will foster a wide network of strategic alliances for both of our companies while enabling us to think bigger and outside the box in our product development. We see this relationship as a benchmark for the how the governance industry can transform itself to capitalize on the possibilities big data has created to the fullest extent.”

The first products of the GGA-NovaShare partnership will soon be published, as the Globe and Mail, Calgary Herald and the Miami Herald will be releasing the results of their CEO Pay for Performance surveys in June.

For more information on NovaShare, click here.

You can also read the Globe and Mail story on the GGA’s partnership here.

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