The emPower Platform

Global Governance Advisors (GGA), a leading North American HCM firm, works exclusively with boards of directors and senior management teams to increase board performance and governance; and address the challenges of executive compensation and stakeholder relationships. It made sense to develop a comprehensive digital boardroom platform that address these challenges – emPower.



emPowerBoardsTM revolutionizes how board meetings are conducted, the first full-service software solution dedicated to making boards more impactful on organizational success. It is the first cloud solution that includes:

Board evaluation and scorecards


D&O questionnaires with pre-populated questions in 8 categories


Integrated video conferencing that brings remote board members into the board meeting… while ensuring corporate governance, regulatory compliance and risk mitigation 


Smart document management, annotation and distribution 


emPowerHCMTM provides current peer compensation data and scorecards to develop effective senior management incentive plans. emPowerHCMTM users have access to more than 8,000 company incentive plan details to design, benchmark and scorecard their senior management compensation/incentive plans. Some cool features include:

Template Scorecards

Scorecard Reporting

Customized Peer Groups

Pay for Performance Reporting

Top 5 NEO Benchmarking



emPowerIRTM is the first cloud-based, comprehensive stakeholder communications solution designed for public and private companies. emPowerIRTM provides boards of directors and the executive team a platform to build and maintain relationships with the organizational stakeholders. emPowerIRTM is a conduit into stakeholder engagement activity and is an oversight vehicle that makes valuable information readily available to the board and C-Suite in real time.

Upload historical stakeholder records in minutes

Generate global stakeholder reports including:

  • Global Shareholder ID
  • Top Holders
  • Corporate Development
  • Demographic and Regional stakeholder data

Premium Video Streaming

The first cloud-based solution that integrates board evaluations, scorecards, video conferencing and broadcast TV quality streaming video.

Sony® 4k Sensor

Dual-Band Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 4.0 LE

Streams at HD 720p 30 FPS

Stream Live or share later

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