David Crane Joins Leading Firm
February 3, 2013
Still the ‘poor cousin,’ new CBA improves pension plan for average NHLers
February 26, 2013

GGA’s Vice Chair Luis Navas and Director Brad Kelly authored this report that offers a comprehensive comparative analysis of both models (published in the NAPPA report, summer 2012): “Overall, the transformation of Canadian public pension funds has paid off and benefited Canadian pension members in a substantial way. Adopting private sector governance practices have enabled them to attract, retain and incent high performance talent within their respective organizations. Operating costs are lower and these funds are now regarded as highly esteemed players in the global investment community. Unfortunately, in many respects, most U.S. pension funds have lagged behind in their governance practices and as a result are falling behind in sustaining their pension promise. Fortunately, as the Canadian experience has shown, even in today’s volatile investment environment, changes in organizational governance can definitely lead to strong rewards, higher returns and strengthened sustainability for today’s struggling pension funds. If U.S. pension funds wish to meet their members’ future pension demands, they need to become competitive players in the world’s financial community. If smaller Canadian pension funds have successfully accomplished this, certainly our U.S. public pension funds should have the capacity and the will to follow.”

Click here to read the full report.

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