How to Attract and Motivate a High-Performance Executive Team
October 23, 2018
GGA Teaches the Executive Compensation Certificate Program
October 31, 2018

The Link between Executive Compensation and Organizational Success

Toronto, ON. Global Governance Advisors Partners, Paul Gryglewicz, Brad Kelly and Peter Landers will be teaching the Accredited Executive Compensation Program, in partnership with the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA), in Toronto from November 27 – November 29, 2018. GGA will educate participants in three parts including: executive compensation, executive compensation governance and corporate governance and oversight. Topics covered will include, but not be limited to, compensation fairness opinions, short and long-term incentive plan design, board compensation, succession planning and compensation governance and disclosure. Participants will benefit from this program if they:

  1. Work with their senior executive, CEO and boards to guide and manage the executive compensation process in their organizations,
  2. Design and validate an effective executive compensation plan,
  3. Use executive compensation as a tool for incentivizing their leadership teams,
  4. Implement best practices in corporate governance and governance and oversight related to executive compensation, and
  5. Fulfill their fiduciary duties while also adding real value to their organization.

To learn more and sign up for this program, please click here.

About the Human Resources Professionals Association. The HRPA protects the public interest by governing and regulating the professional practice of its more than 24,000-member registrants. In enhancing its status as a regulatory association, HRPA advances the professionalization of HR and acknowledgment of the profession as a key driver of organizational success. This event will equip senior management, executives and board members with information, best practices and strategies for executive compensation and corporate governance.

About Global Governance Advisors. Global Governance Advisors (GGA), servicing Boards of Directors and Senior Management teams, is an internationally recognized, leading North American Human Capital Management firm that provides leading Human Capital Management advisory services and HCM technology solutions that maximize board and executive performance to increase valuation; addresses senior management compensation planning that drives company performance and outcomes; improves investor (stakeholder) and employee communications and loyalty; and ensures corporate governance, regulatory compliance and risk mitigation.

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