GGA Teaches at the Accredited Executive Compensation Program
May 27, 2020
Global Governance Advisors | Newsletter Vol. 29
May 28, 2020

Last week, Global Governance Advisors Partners, Brad Kelly and Peter Landers, began the virtual NCPERS Accredited Fiduciary (NAF) Program. NAF is a trustee accreditation program specifically designed and tailored for public pension governance. The NAF Program divides plan governance, oversight, and administration into four separate modules:

  • Governance and the Board’s Role;
  • Investment and Finance;
  • Legal, Risk Management and Communication; and
  • Human Capital.

The GGA Partners discussion centered around understanding the roles, responsibilities of public pension boards as well as the differing governance models and principles that exist; the legal risk oversight duties of a pension board as well as the duties of an individual trustee; and the fundamentals of executive compensation.

Brad Kelly commented, “Poor governance has a material effect on pension funds which costs them anywhere between 100 to 200 bps annually.” Peter Landers added, “this program enables trustees to learn about best practices that they can use to help focus their oversight and strategically improve their performance in many areas.”

About Global Governance Advisors: Global Governance Advisors (GGA) is a leading North American advisory services and technology HCM firm that works exclusively with boards of directors and senior management teams to maximize board effectiveness and governance, develop dynamic compensation/incentive plans that deliver the outcomes that align with company goals, and provides a stakeholder communications engine that produces oversight of stakeholder engagement activity. GGA’s emPower platform is the first, comprehensive digital boardroom.

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