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January 23, 2019
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January 29, 2019

Toronto, ON. Global Governance Advisors Partner, Peter Landers, will sit on a panel on February 28th, 2019, in Fasken Martineau’s office in Toronto. This breakfast session, “Mining HR Best Practices: Avoiding Compensation Nightmares,” conducted as part of the PDAC 2019 Seminar Series at Fasken Martineau, will cover the following topics:

  • Employment contract best practices
    • Change of Control definitions
    • Double/Single Triggers, termination provisions
    • Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation clauses
  • The use of Deferred Shared Units (DSUs), Restricted Share Units (RSUs) and Performance Share Units (PSUs) and their greater adoption in recent years to replace or make-up some of the Long-Term Incentive (LTIP) value historically granted in Stock Options.
  • Omnibus Equity Plans – which allow companies to grant any type of LTIP vehicle they would like and have consistent definitions under one plan document vs. using separate plan documents for Stock Options, RSUs, PSUs and DSUs.

This session will highlight how the impact of institutional investors and proxy advisory firms roles in the Mining sector is increasing with their ability to influence Say on Pay votes, equity plan renewals and individual director votes at AGMs. They have shown this impact at companies such as Barrick Gold, Eldorado Gold and Yamana Gold where they have caused failed Say on Pay votes in past years.

Joining Mr. Landers on the panel will be Norm Keith, Partner at Fasken, along with Birks Bovaird, Board Chair at Energy Fuels and Christine Barwell, VP Human Resources at Alamos Gold. They will provide a cross-section of perspectives from both the Board, management and advisory side on these important developments in the marketplace.

To learn more about the session click here.

About Global Governance Advisors. Global Governance Advisors (GGA), servicing Boards of Directors and Senior Management teams, is an internationally recognized, leading North American Human Capital Management firm that provides leading Human Capital Management advisory services and HCM technology solutions that maximize board and executive performance to increase valuation; addresses senior management compensation planning that drives company performance and outcomes; improves investor (stakeholder) and employee communications and loyalty; and ensures corporate governance, regulatory compliance and risk mitigation.


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