Global Governance Advisors | Newsletter Vol. 8
September 5, 2018
Global Governance Advisors | Newsletter Vol. 9
September 7, 2018

Navigating Governance Risk: How to Proactively Avoid Fiduciary Potholes and Limit Legal Liabilities

Acme, MI. Global Governance Advisors Partners, Brad Kelly and Peter Landers, will present at the MAPERS 2018 Fall Conference in Acme, Michigan on September 25, 2018. The conference will host over 400 attendees made up of local pension trustees, staff, as well as representatives from financial firms that provide investment, actuarial, legal and consulting services to public pension plans.

The GGA tandem will explore key governance risks that pension trustees and executives need to be aware of and understand how to avoid. Attendees will learn about the overview of key fiduciary duties of Board trustees and managers; an understanding of how ERISA expands these base duties explicitly for pension trustees and managers; the identification of risks within governance oversight, investment management, and human resources management; and the fundamental practices and risk mitigation strategies that funds should be incorporating in their annual and day-to-day Board schedules and management responsibilities.

Brad Kelly commented, “Governance demands and fiduciary expectations are increasing for Boards and executives throughout all sectors of our economy.” Peter Landers added, “Increased public attention, tenuous political relationships, member commitments and today’s stressful investment environment, have caused pension trustees and executives to feel exponentially more pressure.”

About Michigan Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems. The Michigan Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems (MAPERS) is recognized as the principal educational, legislative forum for trustees, plan administrators, and other retirement and financial professionals in the State of Michigan. MAPERS was established to provide educational training and legislative updates to trustees of Public Employee Retirement Systems within the State of Michigan. MAPERS employs the service of a full-time professional lobbyist (Capitol Services, Inc.) to monitor legislation that may affect the more than 670,000 members and retirees of public pension plans in the State of Michigan.

About Global Governance Advisors. Global Governance Advisors (GGA), servicing Boards of Directors and Senior Management teams, is an internationally recognized, leading North American Human Capital Management firm that provides leading Human Capital Management advisory services and HCM technology solutions that maximize board and executive performance to increase valuation; addresses senior management compensation planning that drives company performance and outcomes; improves investor (stakeholder) and employee communications and loyalty; and ensures corporate governance, regulatory compliance and risk mitigation.

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