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If you are interested in joining the team here at GGA, please send a copy of your resume, along with a cover letter, to .

For a sense of where your experience and qualifications would be best suited, please click below to find descriptions of our team positions:

Associate | Senior Associate | Partner | Senior Partner


Associates are exposed to a broad range of clients and industries.  They develop first-hand knowledge of critical business issues while honing client-management and problem-solving skills.  Orientation and continual learning opportunities are part of an Associates formal development program.

Typically, Associates will:

  • Conduct interviews within the client organization
  • Use innovative methods to conduct or gather market research
  • Build spreadsheet models to analyze data
  • Communicate results orally and in writing to team members and clients

As Associates acquire successful experience on projects, they are given greater autonomy and responsibilities.  Most Associates take two to three years to master the challenges of the role.  After this period, the Associates career path becomes more individualized.  Some are promoted to Senior Associate, while others may leave to pursue an MBA or other advanced degree.

Senior Associate

Senior Associates are a core component at our firm. They work closely with our clients to help them better understand competitive issues, develop strategies for change, and achieve results.  New Global Governance Advisors Senior Associates participate in project teams while developing expertise in:

Compensation design

  •  Interviewing skills
  •  Conceptualizing and communicating strategic solutions
  •  Researching issues related to governance and the Board advisory industry
  • Client relationship skills

Senior Associates and Associates perform many similar tasks, but Senior Associates carry more responsibility from the outset.  Their work is often more complex and broader in scope.  Most Senior Associates remain in that role for three to four years before becoming Principal.  Some Senior Associates pursue a traditional career path from Principal to Director.  The length of time in the Senior Associate role will depend on educational background, prior experience and ability to develop. Others find that their GGA experience has prepared them for new careers as senior managers of compensation in large corporations.


Global Governance Advisors Partners are proven professionals with track records as outstanding Senior Associates and advisors. Partners may well be the most varied role within our firm.  A Partner must combine the technical skills of a Senior Associate with strong organizational and client relationship management skills.  They gradually take on larger project-management responsibilities, eventually directing a number of client engagements simultaneously. Over time, they also help link GGAs work on client projects to its broader business and strategic vision.

Specifically, they:

  • Keep one eye on the big picture and the other project details
  • Help to seek out and develop new business opportunities
  • Provide intellectual leadership for their teams by generating key ideas and conceptual frameworks to guide research and analysis
  • Create work plans to ensure that projects are on time and within budget
  • Communicate the status of a project to senior GGA colleagues
  • Work closely with clients and act as secondary contacts
  • Participate in the development of leading edge industry research

With experience and confidence, Partners contribute to business development and external relations.  They may work with teams that are recruiting Associates or Senior Associates, write client proposals, or write articles for internal and external audiences.  Seasoned Partners work on client projects, which consistently reflect our clients goals and objectives.

For example, Partners work on developing business in practice areas, expanding GGAs business capabilities, and generating ideas for new proposals.  They are responsible for sharing with the firm insights gained from client projects and internal research.  Partners also help communicate GGAs ideas to clients and the media.

Senior Partner

Global Governance Advisors Senior Partners are seasoned advisors who have demonstrated exceptional problem solving, organizational, and client-management skills. Although they continue to work closely with client project teams, every Senior Partners primary responsibility is to make a significant difference for clients and develop client relationships. Senior Partners guide and motivate their project teams to craft innovative solutions to client problems, ensure that clients interests are always foremost, and inspire individual team members to consistently meet the highest professional and ethical standards.  Senior Partners work closely with project teams, while maintaining their focus on management of the client relationships as well as broader corporate public relations.

Specifically they:

  • Are the key client relationship managers
  • Are expected to be the primary business developers within the corporation
  • Oversee work progress and the development of project deliverables
  • Help to develop the knowledge and skill base of all Associates and Senior Associates
  • Lead the development and presentation of cutting edge governance research

Again, as the most senior individuals in the firm, GGAs Partners play principal roles in forging new client relationships. They pursue client leads and develop cutting edge research and broader conceptual insights for a wider audience.  In this role, many Senior Partners function as GGA ambassadors to the larger business community, act as our clients most trusted advisors, devote considerable time to networking, publishing, public speaking, and ultimately act as a face of the firm.