GGA’s Fifth Annual CEO Pay for Performance Survey with Globe and Mail, including BNN Commentary Now Online

Peter Landers
Partner / BBA (Hon)

Peter Landers is a Partner at Global Governance Advisors. He supports boards and senior management…

For the fifth consecutive year, GGA’s Pay for Performance survey with the Globe and Mail has been published, with added features this year.

They include an exclusive report from Janet McFarland that you can read here: PayforPerformance-NoVotereport

You can also watch a summary video here:  Pay for Performance video .

You can review the ranking table with a summary report here: Ranking Table .

And lastly but far from last, here are two unique features developed closely with GGA – our trademark online tool for pay for performance here: GGA Interactive online tool  and a special feature on average salaries and CEO pay here: Salary comparison feature .

You can also watch a panel discussion on this year’s findings with Peter Landers, Partner, Global Governance Advisors, Janet McFarland, Business Reporter, Globe and Mail, and Richard LeBlanc, Associate Professor, York University at this link here.

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