GGA’s Calgary Executive Pay Survey with The Calgary Herald, including Opinion Piece Now Online

Arden Dalik
Senior Partner / B. Comm

Arden Dalik is a Senior Partner in the Calgary office at Global Governance Advisors and…

Global Governance Advisors, in partnership with the Calgary Herald, released our annual ranking of CEO compensation for Calgary’s largest publicly traded companies. Our findings show that 2016 marked not only the beginning of the oil price recovery but also a return to the days of healthy CEO bonuses.

Calgary Herald reporter, Amanda Stephenson, writes that pay packages began to rebound in 2016, with annual bonuses in the energy sector increasing 40.6 per cent. According to Arden Dalik, senior partner at Global Governance Advisors, bonuses rather than base salary increases are a good way to cautiously reward short-term performance and recognize the work CEOs have done to get their companies through difficult times.

Executive compensation decisions in 2016, however, required a complex balancing act. In her guest column for the Calgary Herald, Arden writes that directors had to determine how to reward — for example — strong short-term recovery/results in 2016 while share prices, despite year-over-year improvements, were still well below pre-mid 2014 levels.

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