GGA on Vancouver Resource Sector Executive Compensation Trends

Arden Dalik
Senior Partner / B. Comm

Arden Dalik is a Senior Partner in the Calgary office at Global Governance Advisors and…

In a recent interaction with Business in Vancouver, regarding trends in CEO compensation, Arden Dalik, Senior Partner, GGA, commented specifically on the resource sector.

“There is some recovery happening, so what has happened in recent years were some clawbacks – salary rollbacks, withheld bonuses, those kinds of things – because of the state of the depressed commodity prices,” explained Ms. Dalik. “But in 2017 coming out of 2016 we are starting to see some movement and some increases, bonuses that were paid out which haven’t been paid in, say, the previous couple of years, and the salaries starting to recover or not be frozen anymore because commodity prices have started to turn around. Again, it’s closely tied to pay for performance, and so because the performance is starting to show up, then the pay is starting to be there as well.”

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