GGA Study Findings: Canadian Governance Pros Satisfied with Work-Life Balance

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Peter Landers
Partner / BBA (Hon)

Peter Landers is a Partner at Global Governance Advisors. He supports boards and senior management…

According to a recent study by GGA in partnership with the Governance Professionals of Canada, Canadian governance professionals are – on the whole – happy with the demands placed on them at work and with their pay, with 64% reporting being satisfied with their work-life balance and 84% satisfied with their compensation package.

In an interview with Corporate Secretary, Peter Landers, Partner, GGA , attributed improved satisfaction levels to the fact that professionals value factors other than pay and because the role of the corporate secretary is evolving to have a broader and more strategic scope. They are increasingly taking on a role that resembles that of a chief governance officer, particularly within larger organizations.

Thirty-one percent of respondents say their annual budget has increased this past year, while 55 percent report no change to their funding and just 14 percent have seen a decrease. Mr. Landers attributes this pattern to increasing pressure on companies in areas such as shareholder engagement, regulation and strategy – all of which lead to a greater focus on the corporate secretary role.

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