GGA Discusses Shift in Corporate Governance at Bombardier

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Peter Landers
Partner / BBA (Hon)

Peter Landers is a Partner at Global Governance Advisors. He supports boards and senior management…

Peter Landers, Partner, GGA, in an interaction, yesterday, with BNN shared his views on Bombardier’s Chair stepping down from his Executive role and how it marks a shift in the corporate governance structure at the company.

He explained, “Basically, you are seeing them move closer to what we see as market practice in terms of governance structure where we are separating out an executive role from the board chair role. That’s the typical structure we see in Canada, although a bit more so than in the U.S. They tend to combine the Chairman and CEO roles a little bit more, but it’s definitely a move in the right direction, to remove Beaudoin from the executive team and move him into that non-executive chairman role.”

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