Bombardier Paradox: Dealing with Liquidity Issues while Paying Executive Bonuses in Cash

Paul Gryglewicz
Senior Partner / BComm, MBA

Paul Gryglewicz is a Senior Partner in the Toronto office at Global Governance Advisors. He engages…

In advance of Bombardier Inc.’s annual meeting, the company’s filings showed that its top 5 executives along with executive chairman Pierre Beaudoin were awarded $32.6-million (USD) in 2016, almost a 50% increase from the previous year. The hike in executive compensation happened during a year where Bombardier laid off a large number of employees.

Speaking about the structure of pay provided at Bombardier in an interaction with The Globe and Mail, Paul Gryglewicz, noted, “They could have preserved more cash” and considered an equity grant for executives instead that would be tied to the success of de-risking the business. That would have further aligned their interests with those of shareholders.

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