What Sets Us Apart

GGA provides unparalleled strategic advice and international thought leadership on governance practices, risk mitigation and sophisticated compensation systems design.


Compensation consultants have often been targeted by critics as one of the main culprits of excessive executive compensation. The US House of Representatives released a report that criticized firms that provided compensation advice to organizations in which they have other lucrative consulting relationships with. In these situations, advisors cannot be seen as giving unbiased advice on compensation matters. At GGA, we believe that any potential conflict of interest, either real or perceived, will undoubtedly undermine the credibility and integrity of a consultants recommendations.

For that reason, we believe our status as an independent firm enables us to provide unquestionable impartial advice. Working primarily via board sponsored mandates, we strive to set the standard as trusted advisors who are accountable, first and foremost, to shareholders.



Global Governance Advisors senior consultants bring together decades of executive compensation advisory experience. We have consulted with organizations on all six continents, across a myriad of industries, on a full range of compensation and corporate governance issues. Our senior consultants are recognized experts who are noted speakers on compensation and governance topics and are at the forefront of thought leadership in our industry.

Beyond being compensation experts, our consultants are also well-rounded business professionals who bring backgrounds in management, finance, and human resources. As a result, we follow an integrated, strategic approach to compensation and governance issues. Rather than taking an isolated view of compensation, we bring an understanding of compensation in the larger context of our clients’ overall business environment and from the perspective of all relevant stakeholders.



Our firm was founded with the goal of being the best at what we do. We focus solely on helping organizations enhance their value and mitigate their risks through well-designed compensation programs and governance practices. As specialists, we bring the depth of knowledge and insight that is needed to tackle the increasingly complex executive compensation issues faced by clients. With our expertise, we effectively assist our clients in navigating through and understanding the far-reaching implications of an executive compensation program, including tax, accounting, and compliance issues.



Our reputation for delivering valuable insights and sound advice is rooted in our rigorous analytical approach and the quality of our professionals. Our approach is objective, methodical, and data-driven, and we uphold a high level of professional standards in all that we do. To us, maintaining high professional standards means the information we present has been tested and re-tested for accuracy and extensive analysis is diligently performed to ensure that our recommendations are fair, justified, and defensible for Board members.

In combining technical excellence with superior business acumen, we are committed to building a team of ethical, balanced minded, and shareholder value focused professionals who are driven to be client advisors, rather than systematic consultants.